Meet the Characters

The show features over 20 named characters, along with plenty of opportunities for chorus and children

  • Alice Parker (Mum)

    Alice Parker

    Playing age 40+

  • Fred Parker (Dad)

    Fred Parker

    Playing age 40+

  • David Parker (Son)

    David Parker

    Playing age 19+

  • Jane Parker (Daughter)

    Jane Parker

    Playing age 19+

  • Gran


    Playing age 60+

  • Susan Parker

    Susan Parker

    Playing age 12

  • Jimmy Parker

    Jimmy Parker

    Playing age 10

  • Elsie


    A housewife - playing age 40-50

  • Vera


    A housewife - playing age 40-50

  • Jessie


    A housewife - playing age 40-50

  • Jean

    Jean Hepworth

    A teacher at the local primary school. Playing age 25

  • Mr Simpson

    Mr Simpson

    The headmaster at the local primary school

  • Sylvia Grahame

    Sylvia Grahame

    David Parker's girlfriend

  • Mark Turner

    Mark Turner

    Jane Parker's boyfriend

  • Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major

    A comedy role featured in the 'Camp Concert' section

  • Mr Braithwaite

    Mr Braithwaite

    The local shopkeeper

  • Other minor spoken roles

    Other Minor Roles

    Bert (Vera's husband)

    Joe (an ARP warden)

    Ted (an ARP warden)

    Cinema Manager



    The Rev. Atkinson

    Dance Hall M.C.

    The Andrews Sisters (a trio)

    Heinz (a German)

    Fritz (a German)

    Lilli Marlene

    Carmen Miranda